Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creative Exchange presents Art in the Eastside

Myra Jago, All this has happened before and it will all happen again

The Engine Room Gallery is currently exhibiting a selection of the original artwork submitted for the Art in the Eastside billboards project, the largest outdoor exhibition in Ireland which takes place annually across East Belfast. Much of the artwork has been created specially with East Belfast in mind, and reflects the social, cultural and political diversity that makes this area so unique.

We had a fantastic turn out for the opening reception on Thursday 5 September, which was preceded by a walking tour of the billboards led by The Forum for Alternative Belfast. The exhibition continues until Saturday 28 September.

The exhibition features work by: Colin Davis, Liam Campbell, Valeria Giannandrea, Ruth Moore, Aoife McGee, Myra Jago, Gerry Gleason, Joanne McMahon, Lauren Osbourne, Ray Duncan, Karen Day Hutchinson, Helen Paisley, David Fox, Breandan Clarke, Colin Darke, Barbara Craig, James Robert Moore, James Millar, Clinton Kirkpatrick, Victor Sloan, Alice Maher, Colin McGookin, Deirdre Robb, Jennifer Brown, Brooke-Valentine Menown, Ian Fleming, Katie Brown, Angela Anderson, Victoria J Dean, Ciara O'Malley, Patricia Vallely, Susan McWilliam, Michael Hart, Derick Hegarty, Olywn Colgan, Ramona Burke, Aisling O'Beirn, Emma Donaldson, George Robb, Ivan Frew, Jim Melin, Lisa Ballard, Robert JE Simpson, Heather J Ferguson, Patrick Colhoun, Maura O'Rourke, Rachel McBride, Aidan Butler, Stephen Millar, Andrew Haire, Margaret Woods, Mike Connor, Rachel Coote and Lesley Cherry.