Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Exhibition 2013

The Engine Room Gallery is delighted to host the annual Christmas Exhibition, a much anticipated highlight of the gallery year. 

Alick Knox, Cheryl Bleakly, Jim Millar and Jack Pakenham, sculpture by James Mercer and William Green.

We held a preview on Thursday 5th December which was well attended by many artists, friends and visitors, including a group from Belfast Art Tours who were visiting a number of galleries and studios in East Belfast.

'Tauto 2' by Mark Chambers

Nearly 40 artists took part in the exhibition, featuring a wide range of artistic style and medium, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and two fantastic works making use of light.

Cliff Brooks, Colin Corkey and Ray Duncan

Bill Penney and Patrick Colhoun

Jan Powell

Alick Knox, Cheryl Bleakly and Jim Millar

Jack Pakenham, Colin Davis, Peter Mooney and James Mercer

'Rogue' by Rosemary McMillen

The participating artists are: Cheryl Bleakly, Marjorie Bloch, Marcus Blockson, Cliff Brooks, Mark Chambers, Patrick Colhoun, Colin Corkey, Jill Corkey, Richard Darling, Colin Davis, Ray Duncan, Sam Fleming, Ivan Frew, Liam de Frinse, J. Gildea, William Green, Ashley B Holmes, Joanne Jamison, Alick Knox, John MaCormac, Mary Martin, Susanna McConville, Colin McGookin, Rosemary McMillen, James Mercer, James Millar, Peter Mooney, Leslie Nicholl, Jake Pakenham, Jan Powel, Denise Robinson, Duncan Wallace and Frederick Woodhead

The exhibition continues until Saturday 21st December 2013.