Friday, July 19, 2013

Liam de Frinse's Eco Art's Lab at Minnowburn

The continuous stream of visitors to the Gallery boasting of their strolls in the "glorious" summer sunshine had me bursting to escape for an art adventure of my own. The opportunity presented itself on Wednesday when I happened upon Liam de Frisne at his new studio, the Eco Art's Lab - located next to the River Lagan at Minnowburn. Nestled amidst the trees, the Eco Art's Lab acts as a hub for the Lagan Love Trail - a seven mile 'happening' that weaves Ireland's longest love poem along the river's towpath from the Island Arts Centre in Lisburn ending at Shaw’s Bridge.The Love Trail is an ever-evolving project as visitors are encouraged to contribute and add their own story to the work. Liam further explains this on his CreativeChangeNI blog,

"The philosophy of the Lagan Love Trail is about giving and exchanging resources so that everybody owns it and nobody owns it thus enhancing our well being on this small planet for such a small time we are on it. Sharing the love, Joy, mystery and passion for life."

Indeed, the work is growing day by day and it is transforming just as quickly. I hope you enjoy the photographs taken at The Art's Lab but it is certainly worth visiting the site yourself to truly grasp the breadth of this beautiful project.

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