Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hue: 3 Approaches to Colour

The Engine Room Gallery is delighted to exhibit a selection of new work by Lisa Ballard, John Macormac and Kevin Miller and small prints by Tristan Barry. The exhibition opened on Thursday 10th April and we had a fantastic response to the show from all who attended.

Lisa Ballard 'Pink Mountain Tops' £3000
Lisa Ballard uses landscape to explore her obsession with colour and light, in particular the juxtaposition of colours and how they affect each other. Often leaning towards abstraction, Lisa looks through the landscape itself creating powerful images that reflect the temporal and fleeting nature of her experience in that place. Putting great emphasis on her practice, Lisa incorporates painterly brush marks that encourage an organic response to every colour and layer she applies. 
John Macormac 'Billowing' £400
John Macormac’s work has evolved from dealing with an overload of information to more refined and reflective a visual vocabulary of marks, flat blocks of colour, text, tracings, drips and collaged elements. 
Kevin Miller 'Shrinking' £320
Kevin Miller is concerned with notions of materiality. The current work is created first in the frictionless world of digital painting before being laser cut and carefully painted and glued by hand. 

Using drawing as his medium, Tristan Barry explores human impact on the environment. Current concerns are centred on issues relating to boundaries - from the deliberate, man-made stone walls that mark borders in the Northern Irish countryside to the increasing pressures put on town limits. 

The participating artists are part of the Cathedral Studios in Belfast. For more information on the artists and the studios please check out the Cathedral Studios website.

The exhibition continues until Saturday 26th April 2014

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